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        Tel:0532-88201335中文 | English

        Welcome to the official website of Qingdao Jiaqi plastic products Co., Ltd

        Qingdao Jiaqi Plastic Co,. LTD Direct DealMass Customization


        Jiaqi Plastic

        • Jiaqi PlasticFood packaging
        • Jiaqi PlasticBlister tray
        • Jiaqi PlasticMedical packaging

        Wholeheartedly for more than 20 years
        Do a good job in each blister packaging box

        Select the blister packaging industry, focus on doing it well, continuously accumulate experience in blister packaging, carry forward and obtain leading advantages. A blister packaging box, we have insisted on doing for more than 20 years, only for the protection of product quality.

        Jiaqi Plastic

        JiaqiProductDirect Deal·Mass Customization·Meet the needs of different industries



        It has more than 20 years of production experience in blister packaging products, mainly focusing on blister packaging;

        Covering an area of 6000 square meters, it has more than 50 employees and 8 technicians. Equipped with advanced Blister production equipment and strong blister design and development capacity;

        Existing equipment: five full-automatic high-speed Blister molding machines, seven cutting machines, die-cutting machines and four folding machines. Annual production capacity of 5 million tons;

        • 6000m2Production Base
        • 500ThroughputThousand Tons
        There are many kinds of products

        -Plastic products have rich experience in processing and are widely used

        -In 2006, it passed the record of export food packaging enterprises of Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau

        Standardized operation
        Guaranteed Production

        -Five automatic high-speed Blister molding machines, seven cutting machines and die-cutting machines

        -Equipped with blister production equipment and powerful blister design

        Intimate Service
        Worry Free

        -The product quality meets the customer's requirements and responds to the demand 24 hours

        -Improve the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service network, and implement localized services

        Dagu river industrial park, jiaozhou city, Qingdao.
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